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Tips for Using Zoom Breakout Rooms

COVID-19 may have put our in-person meetings on pause, but that doesn’t mean can’t keep engaging students. Virtual platforms like Zoom provide essential tools to help students understand, process, and apply what they learn.


For many youth pastors who find themselves preaching over Zoom, here are some helpful tips on Zoom’s best features for student engagement in virtual youth group. 


Understand | Zoom Chat


Zoom’s Chat feature gives students a fun way to get involved in your message time. Students can ask questions and actively respond to the night’s message as it’s happening! 


Encouraging your students to post their questions and share their insights about the message will allow you to more engage your students in real time and will prompt deep discussion when they are in their small groups. 


To enable the Zoom Chat feature, you will have to log into your Zoom web portal online (you cannot enable this feature from the app). Then, take the following steps:

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