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The Dream Box FAQ’s


1. When will the curriculum be available for purchase?


Our curriculum will be available for purchase early 2019.


2. Is The Dream Box a cause-oriented organization?


We believe in empowering individuals and communities to partner with each other to create positive and sustainable change in a variety of areas and causes. So, while we are not a cause-oriented organization, our goal is to be a conduit for ideas, resources, and knowledge. The focus of The Dream Box is to educate individuals both locally and globally so they are empowered to purposefully engage with the world we live in.


3. How does The Dream Box define poverty?


Poverty is the inability to make meaningful choices, often due to a lack of opportunity, education, or resources.

4. What is community development?


The Dream Box defines "community development" as the process of empowering individuals in a community to partner and participate in implementing sustainable strategies that effect positive, lasting change.